Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Media class

I'll have more as soon as I can scan them. again.

Guache for Brandes' Adv. Media class
with this I discovered just how easy it is to work FOREVER on a guache piece. (this was my first, ever)


I know, I know...
I'd apologize for not updating in a year, but it's been a frustrating year, to say the least. Ah well.
my super sweet acrylic painting. 11"x36"
Fully rendered graphite drawing underneath, fixed, then painted over in true Don Brandes style. Yes, folks, that means I drew the patterns on walls, carpet, furniture, and tea accessories by hand, for better, or worse. This piece got into the Cosmix show at the Bradenton Museum of South Florida (or something like that), and is currently making it's rounds with the rest of the show to various galleries around the state of FL.
Chinese white Technique Pratt showed us. Pretty neat.
Scottish Landscape. Sheep. The works.
three hour ill (on an article about three men being condemned to stoning in the middle East. One man escaped.)

three hour ill (on an article about 'the Angel of Death,' a doctor who worked for the SS during WWII on increasing the chances of pregnancies producing twins, in an effort to produce an Arian army faster. After the fall of Germany, he escaped to Brazil, but seemed to have continued his research. Long story short there is a town in Brazil where, to this day, 8 out of 10 [my numbers might be off] pregnancies are twins.)