Sunday, December 12, 2010

Naptown barBAYq

I recently (last night) completed a logo design for the first annual Naptown barBayq, which is a BBQ event, certified by KCBS, that has been scheduled for May 13-14 2011 in Annapolis, MD. It's being put on by the Parole Rotary Club to raise money for the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Cancer Charity. Around 5,000 people are expected, and tons of vendors have already contacted them.

I'm pretty excited about having done this for them, even if it has never made sense to me why gleeful pigs are always used to promote BBQs... Anyway, here's the (almost) full process:

Actually this is post-thumbnail-rejection (and explaining to them that having the sails engulfed in flames does not remind one of delicious BBQ, and charity), pre-desperate-doodling.

They liked this last one, but wanted a Maryland state flag, too, so I sent another sketch.

"tight" sketches

color studies
(I couldn't change much, of course, because of the MD state flag having to be red/gold, pig needing to be pink, and ocean generally being viewed as blue)

screen shot while playing with type...

Final, vectored image!


vector doodle

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I had this dream I was a a carnival and got challenged to a duel (slapped in the face with a glove and everything). To duel we were going to joust, but instead of hitting each other off our horses, these two adorable fat little zebras with really tiny legs were set lose, and we had to use the lances to pull the sashes off of them while they were running around. It was ridiculously cute.

Guache. Touched up a bit in photoshop.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

more sketchbook mess

just some stuff from my sketchbook. I've been using a China Marker recently, which is pretty much a crayon, so detail is non existent.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not so fancy rhino

Not so fancy rhino, originally uploaded by JennDeC.

ZBrush Rhino for a child's toy project. I seem to have forgotten to take a shot of the fancy version (with top hat, and monocle:D) so this will have to do till I can find someone with the program.

Gamers Unfazed

Gamers Unfazed, originally uploaded by JennDeC.

based on the article: Russian Strippers Fail to Impress Gamers

Sausage Baby

Sausage Baby, originally uploaded by JennDeC.

based on the USA Today article: Pediatricians Call for a Choke-Proof Hot Dog


OprahJesus, originally uploaded by JennDeC.

based on and article from The Onion: Oprah Viewers Patiently Awaiting Instructions


Decapitation, originally uploaded by JennDeC.

based on the Damn Interesting article: Lucid Decapitation


Immortal, originally uploaded by JennDeC.

based on the Environmental Graffiti article: The Only Immortal Animal on Earth


City, originally uploaded by JennDeC.

based on the GOOD article: The GOOD 100: Bulldozing Cities; Small Is Beautiful: The case for shrinking cities


Vaccine, originally uploaded by JennDeC.

based on the CNN article: 'Super mosquitoes' could fight malaria with a bite

Thursday, February 11, 2010


first zbrush attempt.