Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh, Xena...

Oh, Xena..., originally uploaded by JennDeC.


Talk Like a Pirate Day

piratedayFRONT, originally uploaded by JennDeC.

font for dig. ill class junior year
Yes. All the wood grain is different.

Illustration class, for an article on the massive increase of self diagnosis, via Google, WebMD, and other internets.

Drop Bears

tight sketch for Synergism in Illustration class project. Assignment was 'Fearsome critters'(look it up on wiki, lol). I chose to illustrate the Australian legend of Drop Bears, which are pretty much koalas with giant fangs, and claws, that wait in trees till hikers walk under them, then drop on the hikers, and rip out their throats. You can tell a drop bear is in a tree over you by laying on the ground, and spitting upwards. They'll spit back. ;)

I have changes I'll be making.

stuff from last year